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Shree Hanuman Prasad Poddar Andh Vidhyalaya

Our's Residensial School for blind students. Providing Educational Hostel & all Facilities free to all. **************** You can Adopt a Student for (1). Life time by Donation INR Rs. 20,0000/- or Us $3500/- ***(2). One Year by Donation INR Rs. 21000/- or US $375/- ***(3). Become Life time Member by Donating INR Rs. 2,00,000/- or US $3500/-
Our's Residential School for blind Students. Providing Educational Hostel & all Facilities free to all


1. To make the blind self-sufficient by educating training theme in different vocations.
2. To lead the blind towards a life of completeness through instructions in music,handicrafts etc.
3. To make the institution a leading centre of special training for the blind in the country.
4. To make sufficient arrangement for resident blind students in respect of their living and instruction.
5.To assist the brilliant students without means through awards of scholarship.
6. To arrange and procure the required books and other study materials in Braille script for country.

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